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Do you have expertise in growing startups and you’d like to share?

We like to give our readers diverse perspectives on topics that will help their startups grow. And we are currently accepting guest post submissions from qualified writers

Who are we looking for?

  • An experienced blogger with good knowledge of SEO and digital publishing.
  • Startup/company Founder/Co-founder, CEO, Editor
  • Academic professor, Venture Capitalist, Investor, Entrepreneur, Corporate and non-Corporate Executive,
  • Attorney, Consultant, or Resource person,
  • Author, Thought leader, Brand influencer.
  • Writer or Editor.
  • Technologist.

Topics we are looking for:

  • Entrepreneurs – motivation, leadership, advice, strategy, personal finance.
  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing – all forms of Marketing, and SEO.
  • Sales
  • Financing a Startup – Fintech, Investing, Insurance, Funding.
  • Career – Work, productivity, personal development.
  • Technology Trends– Social Media, AI, Internet of Things, Security, Software Technology, Hardware Technology, Tech forecasts.

To add substance to your article, consider the following:

  1. Substantiate every point you make by backing it up with facts and data from credible sources. Do not link to Wikipedia as a source.
  2. Add useful tips at the end of each point you make in form of bullet-points that your readers can find value from.
  3. Avoid stating the obvious and always get straight to the point in your statements. Your sentences should be short and straightforward. Paragraphs must not include more than four to five sentences.
  4. Use cross-referencing to strengthen your argument and impress your readers.

What We Won’t Accept

  • Articles with irrelevant and sponsored links. Trust me, we will know.
  • Promotional articles
  • Requesting that we link to your homepage in an article.
  • Telling us how awesome our article is and how you think linking to your website in it would make it more awesome. We don’t like that.

What’s next?

If you believe you have what it takes to become one of our Contributors, please send a detailed description of

  1. Who you are
  2. Why you’d make an excellent contributor
  3. What you’d like to write about.
  4. A list of 10 topics you’d like to write.
  5. Links to 3 other articles you have published on other blogs.
  6. How frequently you’d be writing.

For your account creation, send;

    1. Your Full name
    2. Proposed username
    3. Email address (Use the email connected to your gravatar account if you have any)
    4. Your website
    5. Brief Bio (60 words) that best tells the world who you are
    6. A headshot photo of you, not more than 400KB

Only do this if you plan to contribute for at least 2 months. We don’t publish one-off op-ed-style articles.

You won’t be approved if you want to publish just once. Please see our advert page if you want to publish a sponsored post.

What You Get

Author Byline: You get a byline on every article accepted and published, along with a 60-word bio provided by you.

Backlink: You get a backlink to your site in your bio and another one in the body of your article.


If you are interested in getting a sponsored link published on our site, send an email to admin@mystartupceo.comThe price is $75 for each link if you produce the content.

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Rates start at $200 and will follow disclosure guidelines.