9 Non-Negotiable Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Join a Mastermind Group


Join a mastermind group

You need to join a mastermind group! You should have even done it yesterday. Yes, time is running out. You want to know why you should join a mastermind group? Fine, I will tell you. But let me ask, have you ever found yourself in a situation you could not think your way out of and your friends had to come through for you?

You have? Great!

This is sort of the same way a mastermind group (or masterminds) works in the most basic sense. It is a collection of smart people who rally themselves as frequently as is necessary to help each other through challenges in their lives and businesses.

As a business owner, masterminds are of immense benefit. You should join a mastermind group because they provide a way for you to tap into other people’s enormous collective intelligence and resources to grow your startup.

Join a mastermind group, napoleon hill

Masterminds have existed for a long time; past the time of Napoleon Hill who has largely been credited for coming up with the concept. And yet it is relatively new to most people.

The truth is that no matter how experienced you concerning your industry, you cannot solve all the challenges that come your way. Most of the time two heads (or more in this case) are most definitely better than one.

Any business owner serious about the future of his/her business definitely needs to join a mastermind group. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You’ll gain an exclusive and ‘beneficial’ inner circle of people when you join a mastermind group

I am sure all of us – at one point or the other – have had that one friend we wished would just go away. The kind of friend that just wants to chill, go to parties and lie around playing video games.

Such friends – as hurtful as it may sound – make it a point to add nothing to your life. Nothing of benefit I mean.

Members of mastermind groups are the polar opposite of this kind of friend.

People who are members of a mastermind come together because they want more from life than playing video games. So with one foot in the door, you already know that you are dealing with people who have dreams and goals they would like to achieve.

They are a group of like-minded individuals who are willing to use their experience, resources and intellect to help each other be better in the way they approach and solve their individual and business problems.

For example, I wouldn’t have known about the Leibster Award if not that Ikechi, my Aha-Now ‘mastermind’ group member nominated me.

join a mastermind group, ikechi awazie

So when you join a mastermind group, it means you have just put yourself and your business in a position to succeed.


2. It will help to keep you accountable

join a mastermind group, accountability.

As a CEO, you are the owner of your business and oversee everything that happens within the company, therefore you answer to no one but yourself. This, however, can get real messed up real quick. Being unaccountable can create a false sense of invincibility, hence, setting your business up for a fall.

A mastermind group can ensure you maintain a disciplined behavior that is necessary for you to succeed in your business. For instance, the group can help you come up with a set of objectives to achieve and a deadline to meet said objectives. And they will hold you accountable for your success or failure to meet the objectives.


3. They’ll help you brainstorm and will always offer assistance when needed

Like I said earlier, you cannot solve all business challenges on your own. You are not meant to.

join a mastermind group, how it works

Mastermind group members often come from different cultural backgrounds and have different life and business experiences. This means that more often than not, they will have different ideas on how to tackle a business challenge.

And they will always offer to help.


Pooling together all the ideas they come up with can produce a solution better than anything you would have come up with on your own.


4.You will always be on a mental and psychological high

The idea of the ‘one man entrepreneur’ will almost never survive the ever-increasing brutality and competitiveness of today’s business world. A constant barrage of challenges and obstacles can cause any solo entrepreneur to lose the will to keep pushing.

join a mastermind group, you can't succeed in isolation
You can’t succeed alone

Having a group that encourages you and rallies to help celebrate your wins gives you the much-needed mental energy/motivation to go on.


5.You’ll get to expand and extend your network

Anybody in business knows how important relationships are. The relationships you forge with those in your network (investors and customers alike) are crucial to the survival of your business.

When you join a mastermind group, you instantly add the members of the group to your network. What’s more, every member of the group will most likely have their own personal network of customers and investors as well. You typically earn those too and so your business network increases exponentially by size and reach.

For instance, check out how Hema Unnoop a member of my Aha-Now ‘mastermind’ group used this round up post to help me grow my network.


join a mastermind group, hema unnoop

So don’t think crab; think octopus.


6.They always watch your back

Have you ever had a friend rebuke you for a behavioral trait you did not even know you had? It happens to the best of us.

For instance, when I was building My Startup CEO and still trying to get things running, guess who had my back? Ikechi Awazie!

join a mastermind group, ikechi awazie

Members of your mastermind group will help you to reveal and weed out character traits you possess that are poisonous to yourself and your business.

They create a profile on you and you get to see yourself through their eyes. This way you will see problems that would most likely have remained hidden in times of personal reflection.


7. It helps you to cross promote your products/services

This is one of the greatest ways that you and other members of your mastermind group can benefit from each other.

Let’s say you have a product or service for which you need to create awareness. And your startup marketing campaign is not converting as you want it to. Or maybe the people in your network who have patronized do not constitute enough market share for you to break even. Moreover, trying to steal customers away from the competition is a task daunting enough to discourage even the most driven entrepreneur.

But when you join a mastermind group, this will no longer be a problem. Members of your group can help you to promote your products/services to their respective networks. This will earn you increased market share without having to get in the ring with your competitors.

Introducing My Aha-Now Mastermind Group

I joined aha-now sometime last year. This is a community of bloggers who come together to share ideas and help each other succeed. I may not exactly call it a mastermind group because we don’t meet physically, and we number in hundreds, but I have formed mutually beneficial relationships with some incredible people there over the months.

I remember the first time the blog commenting superstar, and founder of Aha-now, Harleena Singh, visited, commented on, and shared my blog post, I felt so elated. Time will equally fail me to talk about the encouragement I have received from other great people like Ikechi Awazie who inspires people daily through his blog be a light to the world. Or is it Rohan Chaubey, Hema Unnoop of cre8te a positive life, Yvonne Wilson of Empowerment Moments Blog,  and Yatin Khulbe of buddytation who have ended up being great friends to me so far.

Others include Rachel Newfire of Dig a little deeper that used her posts to teach me how to come to terms with who I am, overcome procrastination and then aim for success. Donna Merrill, who taught me how to develop a social media campaign. Sonal Talwar of Health Fundaa that taught me how to cultivate healthy habits which helps me to work hard without breaking down. Mi Muba of Be a Money Blogger that taught me a lot on making money from my blog. Andrew Warner of Shades of Info who taught me a whole lot about producing great content. Adrienne Smith that partnered with Harleena Singh to teach me how to become a blog commenting superstar, Enstine Muki that dishes out regular SEO and web traffic tips, Laiza King who I finally met earlier this month, and so many others.

join a mastermind group, Laiza King
Laiza King and I

These relationships have helped me in no small way to build a startup that is succeeding. And you can get similar benefits when you join a mastermind group


8. You get to collaborate in business

Members of your group can do more than give you advise or rebuke you when necessary. They are potential business partners or customers as the case may be.

In your mastermind group, you may find someone who is a perfect fit to work on a project with you – or vice versa. Collaborative effort by members of the team will help each one of you achieve more.


9. You’ll gain new business ideas

We can never have too many business ideas (implementing too many is a different story, but still). The process of brainstorming with your group – besides helping you solve your business problems – can yield new business ideas.

join a mastermind group, brainstorm for Ideas

Often times these are completely new ideas, a good number of them not even related to your existing business. Just being in the same room with all this brain power can help you come up with new ways to expand your business or to start another entirely unrelated business.

In conclusion, gone were the days when your success in business depended on how wise, financially buoyant, and smart you are. The syllabus has changed. You need to get people involved because the business of the 21st century can not survive beyond a certain level if you run it alone.

Now is the best time to join a mastermind group. And if you have none around, you can form one.

Your Turn

Do you belong to a mastermind group? How long have you been there? In what ways has your business benefited because of this group? Please share your experience in the comment section. And kindly mention/link to one person whose mastermind has been of immense benefit to you this year.

Lastly, don’t forget to share this article to the members of your mastermind group. And kindly subscribe to My Startup CEO’s newsletter to receive regular updates from me.

Long live masterminds!

75 thoughts on “9 Non-Negotiable Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Join a Mastermind Group

  1. Hi Toby,

    Since day one, I have been in mastermind groups. I believe that we cannot to it on our own and need others in order to help us. This is why the word ‘tribe’ is after my name on my blog. It is because of the book “Tribes” by Seth Godin. In essence it is all about people needing a ‘tribe’ or mastermind (same thing) to succeed. So with that said, I am always involved in groups.

    I work with my husband side by side. Every morning we naturally mastermind, sharing what we have learned or spin ideas with our morning coffee.

    I also have been in groups. But here is a warning: Make sure the group stays on point. Make sure there is some kind of Theme or subject matter to discuss when meeting. I have been in two of them and it turned out to be a bunch of women complaining about things in their personal life. Hmmmmm

    In a mastermind, there has to be some kind of leadership, or shared leadership. The one I’m in now is PAC. My good friend Lesly Federici runs it with the help of some others. Every day there is a theme. There is help offered, things shared and so on. They are all bloggers in this group and I like to help out with the newbies. The link is http://www.poweraffiliateclub.com/request-membership/ to join. I cannot remember the price, but it is a nominal fee.

    Right now I’m working with an e-Commerce mastermind group. It is part of a pricey membership I purchased.

    Great to connect again Toby and thanks for the mention,


    1. Hello Donna,

      It is great to have you over here. When I saw your message on Facebook, I felt flabbergasted. I have been following you for a while and I have always admired your work. So you can imagine how I felt when I saw your comment.

      Yeah, I have always wondered what the Tribe was for. Now I know that you truly practice what you preach. That’s great.

      Thanks for the power affiliate link you shared. I will check it out asap. I have learnt in the past one year that I can achieve more with the help of people in a shorter time than I can achieve on my own.

      I appreciate your comment Donna,

  2. Hi Toby,

    Mastermind groups and communities have been the #1 reason for my growth. If I had not joined Aha!NOW ABC I would have not been where I’m now. Thank you for mentioning me and all our Aha!NOW friends. We’ve been each other’s BIGGEST cheerleaders and we’ll continue to support each other.

    Being a part of a community or group does help especially during the initial days. Nobody can achieve success alone. And success without significance is an empty win.

    Toby, I second every word of this blog post. I’m sharing it with my Twitter audience and at my secret FB group. 🙂


  3. Hello Rohan,

    “Mastermind groups and communities have been the #1 reason for my growth.2 If I had not joined Aha!NOW ABC I would have not been where I’m now”

    It was like you were referring to me. I have benefited immensely from the ABC too.

    Thanks for sharing it Rohan, I appreciate you

  4. Hi Toby

    Great post that I agree with. And thank you for the mention. Really appreciate it.

    For any Mastermind group to work there has to be a high level of collaboration from each member and each one must know and understand their specific role. Success would be far reaching without that kind of effort. We need each other one way or the other.

    In addition to ABC on Aha!NOW where I’ve met many of my blogging friends, I recently joined a group on FB early May called Income Bloggers Club. It’s a really cool place where you learn so much and can get helpful solutions and great ideas.

    Aha!NOW is by far the best one. Have made many friends and it’s where I land my first guest post opportunity. 🙂

    Cheers! Have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. Hello Yvonne,

      Permit you to welcome you to my new blog. Thanks for making out time to read, share and comment. That’s the power of having a community of people who want you to succeed. I am so grateful for that.

      You are so right about we needing each other to succeed. That is the missing link keeping a lot of people from succeeding, and I am so grateful for the ABC community and for the privilege of meeting you and every other person there.

      I will check out the facebook group you recommended.

      Thanks once again Yvonne

  5. Hi Toby

    Thanks for the mention. When I stepped in the digital space, I got tremendous support from Aha-Now community. At that time, I didn’t know anything about blogging. I love the concept of mastermind groups where people don’t shy away from sharing valuable information.

    Groups create a ‘Oneness’ feeling. When you get stuck, you always know there is someone out there who can minimize your issues and boost your productivity.

    Do you the best part of these groups?

    No one is above. No one is below.

    There is something to learn from everyone. Beginners don’t only ask questions, but also share their insights on some issues which prove to be useful for experts.

    1. Hello Yatin,

      and welcome to my new blog. Lol. Nice to have you around. I agree with your first assessment. I started blogging officially last year, and I remember joining aha-now on the first July 2015. And the way I was welcomed was overwhelming, the way I was encouraged and supported was incredible too. In fact even up till yesterday, I still got help. Rohan was the one that just told me yesterday to adjust my sumo me settings so that I will be notified by twitter once my post is shared. So you see, it never ends. Lol

      And you said “Do you know the best part of these groups? No one is above. No one is below.”

      I agree 100%. Imagine when people like the blog commenting Queen Harleena Singh herself makes out time to offer tips to me too, or imagine Donna or is it you? I still consider being a part of the ABC a great privilege.

      Thanks once again for visiting

  6. Hey Toby,

    Great post and thanks for adding me to it. I agree a mastermind group of go-getters is essential for accountability purposes, collaborations, guidance, advice, the list is endless really.

    I have it on my ‘list of things to do’. Locate eager people (I have the number 7 in my mind) who are willing to meet up every week for an hour or so to join forces for all the reasons you point out. However it’s a mini project all of its own. When I start I want to be all in. It requires a bit of research before I even begin to hunt for the group.

    I’ve never really feared not knowing all the answers or getting stuck. I believe the lessons, the message, the answer or the right people will come into our lives at the right time to assist in the path. That’s not just for my personal life but professional as well.

    It’s great that you met Laiza. I can’t wait until I meet some of my blogging buddies along the way. That must have been a thrill. Like we read blogs and see photos but to meet them, well that would be a great spin.

    Thanks again for adding me to your post. I’m motivated and ready to get to work on getting a mastermind group together.


    1. Hello Rachel,

      If not for distance (yeah distance sucks, and Australia is very far away), I would have loved to be a part of your group. Please go ahead and do it asap. It will benefit you tremendously. With time, I will form mine too.

      Yeah, it was great meeting Laiza. And when we finally met, it was like we have know each other for years, and it was almost impossible to imagine that it was our first time of meeting. Yeah, technology and the internet has done a lot of great things in today’s world.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing (yeah, I saw what you did on Facebook) lol.


  7. Hi Toby

    Great post!

    I cannot agree more with you. Mastermind Groups was the reason that help me grow and make my place in the blogging community. I joined AHA!Now and PAC Affiliate and Blogging Community in the early days of my blogging career. All the members are so supportive and helpful.

    Being a part of these Mastermind Groups I learnt so many things. Everyone encouraged me and supported me alot. To achieve success we all need the help of others.

    Thanks fro mentioning me in your post and connecting with me.

    1. Hello Sonal,

      The pleasure is mine. The support and encouragement is unrivaled, you are right about that.

      I am glad to see you here, and thanks for sharing your own story.

  8. Hello Toby,

    Am gbenga,your post was really an eye opener…am just starting my own online business and and I have an opened mind to learn so much as I can….

    I’ll be so grateful if you can recommend any that I can fit in..


    1. Hello Gbenga,

      Normally a mastermind group is supposed to be private and should comprise of people you trust who are doing well in their respective fields and who are accessible to you In other =words it is better to be physically close to them so you can have your brainstorming sessions.

      But as an online entrepreneur, I recommend you join aha-now which I referred to in this post.

      You can also join the power affiliate club (http://www.poweraffiliateclub.com/request-membership/) as recommended by Donna or Melyssa Griffins Blog + BFFs which I joined earlier this year (https://web.facebook.com/groups/blogandbizbffs/).

      Good luck and thanks for reading

  9. Hello Toby,

    You hit the nail on the head with this post. I have been part of an offline mastermind group now for two years and I can tell you it has helped me in numerous ways as a person and as an entrepreneur.

    I remember how I intimidated I felt the first few weeks as I realized how much I did not know. But this group has been kind and helped me and my husband challenge ourselves. We are encouraged to raise the bar, implement goals and support each other at all times.

    I’m truly humbled that you mentioned me in this post. Thank you very much. I’m glad we met through AHA NOW and you’re a real inspiration.

    Great post! Off to share 🙂


    1. Hello Hema,

      I am super duper excited to see you here. How can I ever forget how kind and supportive you have been since I joined Aha-now. And what about the round up post of last year? I was overwhelmed, really.

      I am glad you agree with the post. Sure, mastermind groups and communities work.

      Thanks so much for sharing. One of these days, we will get to meet; either in Australia, Nigeria, or somewhere else.


  10. Hey Toby,

    Great points you have here. It is true, beyond reasonable doubt that being a member of a mastermind group is one sure method of succeeding as an entrepreneur. When I started out around 2014, I was a member of such groups, groups like aha-now that you just mentioned, kingged, klinkk, bizsugar, etc. I must confess that the results I got was overwhelming.
    I used the term “was” owing to the fact that I’m not as active on these groups just like I use to be. This is because of my schooling and other offline engagements. However, I wish to come back fully online in no distant time, start updating my blog regularly and of course engage more in these mastermind groups.

    You have shared such an informative piece and I recommend this to every newbie out there. Thanks for painstakingly constructing such an educating piece

    1. Hello Chinedu,

      It is nice to have you here in the company of successful entrepreneurs. That’s quite a list you got there. No wonder, your own blog seem to be doing quite wel. I understand what it means to be busy, that has been my story for a while as I have too many engagements. Not withstanding, the place of team work, and brainstorming cannot be over emphasized.

      I am glad you already have a plan to come back fully.

      Good luck

  11. Hey bro,
    First, thanks for the mention bro.

    A quick note to mention that I’m part of PAC pointed out by Donna. It’s a clean group for affiliate bloggers to join. Recommended 😉

    You know I have said a couple of times that no one can succeed as an Island. We need people around around us and in such groups, while be a helper too, we tend to get a lot from other members.

    Keep up with such brilliance, bro. There are better days ahead

    1. Thanks Enstine,

      I consider it an honour to have you over here. Thanks for making out that time. And this goes to prove that the benefots of having a group like this can’t be over emphasized. I will register with PAC tomorrow.


  12. Hi Toby

    My comment is long overdue. I have been so busy.

    Thanks so much for the mention and what a post. You have listed some gold nuggets that will be so beneficial to business people. Any entrepreneur who isn’t in a mastermind group is limiting his potentials

    I realized early what Mastermind groups can do for you. I used to believe in the individual or lone wolf syndrome but after joining AHA Now, my perception changed so much.

    You are so right about the benefits of Mastermind groups and without such platform, I would not have met you and the rest of the members of ABC. The relationship is golden.

    Thank you so much for creating this awesome post. Have a wonderful week

    1. Wow. Ikechi, I am so happy to see you here. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate your input. I can’t over emphasize what communities like Aha-now can do.

      It is a new month, and I wish you the best of it.


    1. Hello Rubina,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you loved it. You can repost it, but make sure you add a link back to this place to show where it was originally published.


  13. Hi Toby,

    Sorry for being so late to the part, but as you know, I was on a long blogging break and have just returned to see this wonderful post 🙂

    Let me first start by thanking you from the bottom of my heart for the kind mention of the ABC (Aha!NOW Blogging Community), and yes, all the wonderful members that are part of it. I’d just say it’s the people who make a community or group, and no matter where you find such people who connect, you’re going to only rise by lifting others, which has always been our endeavor. And, we are working now towards making a new home for the ABC, which you’d all soon know.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,

      This is a very pleasant thing happening here right now. I believe this is your first time commenting on my new blog and I really appreciate the time and effort. The prospect of going on a blogging break sounds enticing. We may have to talk about it later.

      You are right about the people that make up the community Harleena. The people in ABC are simply wonderful, and you won’t believe that some of us now relate even on personal levels and on so many other platforms. This is simply profound.

      I look forward to the change that is about to take place. I believe that it will be for good.

      Thanks once again for making out time to drop by. Have a great week too.

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      1. Hi nice man I really like reading your posts and I also shared it with my friends and they gave good feedback. How wonderful adopt unique writing thinking. Waiting anxiously to read your next article.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the posts. You can check out other posts that I’ve shared on the blog too.

      Thanks once again for reading and sharing, and even dropping a comment. I really appreciate it.

  15. Hi Toby
    Very interesting topic and I loved the way you proved with your rock solid reasons why it is must to join a mastermind group.
    I like No4 more and it is right that keeps us on mental and psychological high. Most importantly interacting with like-minded people brings more motivation than doing the same with people of diverse interests and background.
    Many thanks for sharing

    1. Hello Mi,

      It’s really been a long time and I am glad to see you here.

      I love what you said about interacting with like minds bringing motivation to us. This is how it usually works for me: I see a like or a higher mind, I draw close. I listen to them share their visions or what they just did in the past, I get inspired to go after my own dreams until I accomplish them.

      It always works.

      Thanks once again for making out time to read and comment, and for your kind words.


  16. Really it’s a nice post fabulous work wonderful article .. i mean u just made my day really learn a lot of things .. keep it up buddy God bless you 🙂

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